Ben Shapiro moved to Florida, or was it Nashville, Tennessee? We investigate

Bruno Cooke March 9, 2021
Ben Shapiro moved to Florida, or was it Nashville, Tennessee? We investigate
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Ben Shapiro has accused Meghan Markle of lying in her interview with Oprah, but he’s also trending for another reason. Ben Shapiro moved to Florida late last year, while he moved his Daily Wire headquarters to Nashville, Tennessee. The split seems to be confusing people.

When did Ben Shapiro move to Florida?

Former head of far-right news organisation Breitbart, editor and founder of The Daily Wire, Ben Shapiro announced via an opinion piece in Townhall on 30 September, 2020 that he, his family and his company were leaving California.

“It’s heartbreaking”, he wrote.

California was Shapiro’s home for 33 years (he is currently 36 years old). 

“This is the most beautiful state in the country.” Yet, he wrote, leaving was necessary, because of “the incremental encroachment of a terrible disease” – too much homelessness and a disempowered police force, he added.

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But his Daily Wire headquarters moved to Nashville, Tennessee – why?

Shapiro may have moved to Florida, but his business runs out of Music City – Nashville, Tennessee.

The Independent reported in September last year that Nashville “is a burgeoning hub for right-wing media types”.

According to the Indie, the state has “no income tax, the lowest minimum wage allowed by federal law, and a reactionary legislature that earlier this year criminalized peaceful protest in the state”. 

What was the problem with California?

Addressing his move to Florida Shapiro complained that, in California, “bad governance has turned a would-be paradise into a burgeoning dystopia”.

“I want my kids to grow up safe. I want them to grow up in a community with a future, with more freedom and safety than I grew up with.”

So, he moved to Florida which, according to EHSToday, is the third most dangerous state in the United States to live (in 2020). 

Why did he move to Florida?

In a recent article, Politico noted the wave of prominent conservatives who have recently relocated to South Florida. 

These include Fox News star Tucker Carlson, the late radio host Rush Limbaugh, Newsmax owner Chris Ruddy and Ben Shapiro.

According to political consultant Blair Brandt (quoted in Politico), the influx is as much to do with ideology as economics. 

“You’re seeing a lot of conservative influencers talking about Florida and it’s creating an environment where … people are looking for safe havens where their ideology is being manifested in the world around them,” Brandt explained.

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