Debate over Ben Shapiro’s height rages on: How tall is he, really?

Bruno Cooke January 11, 2021
Photo by Jessica Pons/ For The Washington Post via Getty Images

Ben Shapiro’s height is a subject of much curiosity, confusion and amusement over on Twitter, Reddit and elsewhere on the internet. How tall is Ben Shapiro, and why do people care so much?

Ben Shapiro height debate

Website CelebHeights claims Ben Shapiro is 5 ft 6 ¾, or 169.5cm. However, it also quotes Shapiro himself claiming he is “a strapping 5’9”” on Twitter.

Shapiro has also referred to himself in conversation as a “five nine, one sixty-five Jewish guy”.

But photographs depicting Ben Shapiro seem to suggest otherwise. Next to other individuals, whose heights are not subject to speculation, Shapiro appears shorter than 5’9”.

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Quora and Reddit weigh in: How tall is Ben Shapiro?

Quora user Isabelle Vane has compiled some of those photos in answer to the question, “How tall is Ben Shapiro?” here.

Similarly, Reddit user u/Cuddlyaxe addressed the question in a post titled “Chasing The Truth: How Tall Is Ben Shapiro Really?” in the subreddit r/neoliberal.

The user starts the post by writing: “Many modern right wing personalities tend to cheat and lie to the public in order to promote their own goals. One personality who is noted for lying is Benjamin Shapiro.”

In conclusion, r/Cuddlyaxe claims that Shapiro is “probably around 5’5”-5’6”” and concludes: “The truth is now out”. 

Meanwhile, Isabelle Vane of Quora finishes: “I personally think Ben Shapiro is about 5 ft 6 at most, definitely not 5ft 9 as he claims.”

Photo credit should read MARK RALSTON/AFP via Getty Images

Twitter enters the debate

Just last week, Twitter users took to the platform to reignite the discussion about Ben Shapiro’s height.

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