Ben Avery confirms he's leaving the Tim Dillon Show after five years on air

Eve Edwards October 4, 2022
Ben Avery confirms he's leaving the Tim Dillon Show after five years on air

There’s a shakeup underway at the Tim Dillon Show as Ben Avery, the podcast’s producer, confirms he is leaving this fall.

Ben Avery, who has built up a following of his own as Tim Dillon’s right-hand man, has served as the Tim Dillon Show’s producer since February 2017. He is first credited as the show’s producer on February 19, 2017, on the 32nd episode (“Pizza Hut Buffet”).

Since then, Avery has produced over 280 episodes of the Tim Dillon Show. Not only did he work behind-the-scenes, but Avery won fans over with featured appearances on the podcast and in Dillon’s comedy specials.

Screenshot from The Tim Dillon Show YouTube, Gutsy | The Tim Dillon Show #315

Ben Avery confirms he has left the Tim Dillon Show

On Monday, October 3, Ben Avery took to Twitter with a statement confirming he had left the show.

“Unfortunately I no longer work on the show as of the last few weeks. I’m extremely grateful for my time with the show and what it has meant to so many people. I wish nothing but the best for Tim,” Avery’s statement reads.

This came after weeks of speculation that Avery was no longer working on the Tim Dillon Show.

“I’m working on some projects now, and am excited to share them with all of you as soon as I can,” the statement continues.

Tim Dillon Show fans react to Ben Avery’s departure

After five years of producing the show, Ben Avery’s departure has come as a shock to fans of the comedy podcast. Since releasing his statement, the internet has been flooded with comments about the future of the Tim Dillon Show.

“Ben Avery leaving the Tim Dillon Show should not be breaking my heart as much as it is. So sad to see seemingly inseparable pals break it up… an end of an era; pour one out for the best podcast of the last few years,” one fan tweeted.

“I’m sad about this. The Tim Dillon show won’t be the same without Ben Avery,” another concurred.

Tim speaks on Ben Avery leaving the show

Tim Dillon and Ben Avery have worked together for several years and were best friends before colleagues. In light of Avery’s departure, Tim Dillon made a statement on social media wishing him well in future ventures.

Dillon reposted Avery’s statement to his Instagram Story on Monday, October 3 with the added caption: “We love Ben. And we’re excited to see the new stuff he’s been working on. Louis CK will now be producing the show.”

Some have wondered whether this announcement is part of a wider joke given Tim Dillon’s previous comments on Avery leaving the show. Dillon once said to Whitney Cummings on her podcast: “If Ben left my show, I don’t know that I’d be able to do the show. I would have to do something else.”

Will Louis CK really be the new producer on the Tim Dillon Show?

Although Tim Dillon offered a sweet statement on Ben Avery’s departure from the show, he threw in an announcement at the end that comedian Louis CK would be joining the show in his stead.

Louis CK featured on the latest episode of the Tim Dillon Show (October 2, 2022) and the pair made no reference to Louis stepping into this role in the future.

It is unlikely, given Louis is currently on tour around the world until January 2023, that he is really joining the show as a producer.

Screenshot from The Tim Dillon Show YouTube, The Off Season | The Tim Dillon Show #316
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