Barstool's Dave Portnoy calls his hair surgery 'the price of great hair'

Ella Kipling March 3, 2022
Barstool's Dave Portnoy calls his hair surgery 'the price of great hair'
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Dave Portnoy, of Barstool Sports, told fans he had undergone a hair transplant, and uploaded a doctor’s room selfie to prove it.

Barstool Nate (real name Eric Nathan) shared the news with fans via a blog post, in which he roasted Portnoy and also referred to a sticky situation he got himself in the first time Portnoy undertook a hair procedure.

Let’s dive in…

Has Dave Portnoy had hair plugs?

On 2 March 2022, Nate from Barstool Sports created a blog post explaining Portnoy had received his second round of a hair transplant.

Portnoy himself confirmed the news by posting a selfie on his Twitter page in what looks to be a doctor’s room, showing a bandage wrapped around his head. He captioned it: “The price of great hair.”

Nate threw a couple of digs Portnoy’s way (while also managing to poke fun at himself) and said: “Men like me don’t waste our money on cosmetic procedures. I started balding too young and it’s like $30,000 for a hair transplant.”

He did, however, state he was happy for Portnoy who “loves his surfer hair”.

This is not Portnoy’s first hair procedure

Nate pointed out in his blog post that this isn’t the first time Portnoy has had a hair procedure, and he linked a video tweeted by the Dave Portnoy Show Twitter page.

In the video, Nate can be seen walking behind Portnoy and giving him a ‘noogie’ on the head (this is when someone rubs your head with their fist, essentially).

The two other people in the video instantly look shocked and exclaim: “On the hair plugs! Oh my god!”

However, Nate explained: “For reference, I had completely forgotten Dave had gotten his hair plugs done, like, one week previously and hadn’t even settled in yet.”

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Here’s what fans have to say

Portnoy’s selfie received tons of comments and likes from fans on Twitter.

One wrote: “As someone who is losing their hair myself, if you have the money to afford hair plugs why not get them? I know I would much rather have a full head of hair than not.”

Another tweeted: “Hi Dave. I can really relate to this. My best friend used to pay more per month on his hair than his BMW payment.”

Despite some Twitter users teasing Portnoy for getting hair plugs, support continued to pour into the comments section with one user writing:

“Good for you bro. We only have one life to live. If getting plugs and hair treatment helps to enhance your confidence and personal happiness, go for it.”

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