Australian athlete Simon Dunn dies months after split from long jumper Felix Maisey-Curtis

Bruno Cooke January 24, 2023
Australian athlete Simon Dunn dies months after split from long jumper Felix Maisey-Curtis

Australian bobsledder and rugby player Simon Dunn has died at the age of 35, just a few months after he split from his partner of five years, Felix Maisey-Curtis.

Dunn announced the split on Instagram, via a post on October 26, 2022.

It shows them together, looking solemn. Dunn wrote that it had become apparent that their “goals and journeys had changed.”

Ruby Rose Management, Dunn’s agency, confirmed his passing, according to Australia’s Star Observer news outlet.

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When did Simon Dunn and Felix Maisey-Curtis get together?

Dunn and Maisey-Curtis first started dating on or around September 3, 2017.

They celebrated the one year anniversary on that date the following year – Dunn wrote on Instagram that he and “this handsome man” had been together for 12 months.

A day earlier, Guys Like U lamented jokingly that Dunn had been “off the market for an entire year.”

“Yes, the beefy Aussie … has been happily dating former long jump athlete Felix Maisey-Curtis … since this time last year,” it waxed. “Oh the humanity!”

How long were they together?

Felix Maisey-Curtis and Simon Dunn separated in October 2022, after just over five years as romantic partners.

“As we just celebrated our 5 year anniversary,” Dunn wrote in a thoughtful Instagram post, “it become apparent our goals and journeys had changed.”

Their separation appears to have been precipitated by a “rough year of personal loss,” after which it “became clear” that their time together was “at a close.”

What each was looking for in a partner had “evolved,” he added. “I give him credit,” he also wrote, of Maisey-Curtis, “as it takes true love to know when to let someone go live their best lives which we have decided to do. Onwards.”

Has Felix Maisey-Curtis posted anything about Simon Dunn following the latter’s passing?

Not publicly, no. He’s not much of a social media user, judging by his Twitter, Instagram and Facebook feeds.

His Instagram is set to private; he hasn’t been active on Twitter since 2015; and the last piece of activity on his Facebook profile, according to what’s publicly viewable, was on January 1, 2019.

When they separated, followers of Dunn’s came out in droves to show their support. 

“Growth and change are hard,” one wrote on Instagram. “But, I admire that you both can realize things change and paths sometimes separate.”

“It’s never easy,” commented another. “But at least you knew enough to know when it wasn’t working. Mutual leave is better than bitterness.”

Photo by Tony Marshall/Getty Images

What does Maisey-Curtis do?

He is a former long jump and triple jump athlete, although that life seems to be largely behind him.

Felix Maisey-Curtis’ indoor long jump personal best is 7.63m (25ft). He achieved it in February 2014, in Sheffield, England.

His longest jump outdoors is slightly longer – 7.77m (25.5ft). That was just a few months after the aforementioned. On the triple jump, meanwhile, his best performance is 14.2m (46.6ft), recorded in Switzerland at the La Chaux-de-Fonds Resisprint International.

In 2016, he won a string of long jump competitions in Pretoria, in South Africa. For more on his athletics record, visit The Power Of 10

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