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Fans wonder what happened to Ashley McAdam after TikTok star asks for 'prayers'

Bruno Cooke May 16, 2022
ashley mcadams tiktok what happened


Followers of TikTok and OnlyFans content creator Ashley McAdam have been expressing concern during the past 24 hours following a series of video uploads suggesting a family tragedy – what happened, does it involve her husband Jesse – or, as some are calling him, “Jay” – and is there a link to the shooting at Mississippi Mudbug Festival?

Who is TikTok creator Ashley McAdam and what happened to her, according to recent videos?

Ashley McAdam has 304.5K followers on her TikTok account. Her videos have accrued 4.5 million likes.

She’s also on OnlyFans and Instagram.

Starting yesterday, she started posting videos to her TikTok followers that suggest a tragedy in the McAdam family – the fifth such video shows a man writing “I <3 U” on a piece of paper clipped to a clipboard, while stationed in a hospital bed.

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It is likely from this video that others have inferred Ashley McAdam’s husband Jesse – or “Jay” as some have called him – has been seriously injured.

However, thankfully there doesn’t appear to be any evidence Jesse McAdam has passed away or Ashley McAdam is in mourning. 

What did Ashley say on TikTok that made people think her husband Jesse had died? 

A day ago, Ashley requested her followers “send prayers for my family”, adding they “are in such a bad situation”.

“Everything was looking up and it came crashing so quick.”

In a separate video, she added she “can’t comment back” when people ask her questions. “TikTok is just an outlet right now,” she wrote. In the following video, she writes she’s “fighting the biggest battle of my life right now”. 

The caption reads: “Please don’t ask why I’m making videos. I will explain to y’all. This is my outlet right now and I need y’all”.

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Source: Instagram [ashley.mcadam.2246]

Her most recent upload is from five hours ago and has the following caption: “This is my outlet”.

But her second most recent TikTok upload, in which a man writes her a message on a clipboard – described above – suggests that whoever in her family is unwell, they are currently alive.

 “Keep pushing”, the video’s text reads. “You’re a miracle.”

Fans offer ‘prayers and positive vibes’

Ashley McAdam also uses Instagram and OnlyFans. On her most recent Instagram upload (two days ago), her followers have been commenting with words of support.

“Prayers and positive vibes your way” one wrote. “I know things are rough for you right now just keep your head high,” added another. One of her followers has even offered to drive “through the night” from Arkansas “to help you any time”.

Ashley’s husband Jesse is on Facebook but his most recent publicly viewable content is from September 2021. It offers no indication he has been hospitalised.

Rumoured connection to Mississippi Mudbug Festival shooting explored

Several outlets have been reporting on rumours Ashley McAdam’s recent TikTok uploads, and the apparent hospitalisation of her husband Jesse, have got something to do with a mass shooting that took place at the Mississippi Mudbug Festival in Jackson on 30 April.

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Prithviraj | Trailer Launch Event

Prithviraj | Trailer Launch Event

Multiple shooters opened fire at the festival, ABC News reported the following day. One person died and seven others sustained injuries, according to more recent reports

But none of the news reports about the incident mention anyone called Jesse (or Jay) McAdam, or his wife Ashley.

Any connection between Ashley’s recent TikTok uploads and the Mississippi shooting therefore remains unconfirmed.

Whatever the situation, we send out thoughts and prayers to the family and friends of Jay and Ashley McAdam.

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