Artist Muni Long's husband, Masimba Chibanda, is a big inspiration to her music

Shania Wilson May 5, 2022
Artist Muni Long's husband, Masimba Chibanda, is a big inspiration to her music

Singer Muni Long is making headlines after dropping hits such as Hrs & Hrs and Ain’t Easy, but did you know her husband is the inspiration behind a lot of her music?

Long has been married to Masimba Chibanda for eight years and recently took to the microphone on Power 105.1 show The Breakfast Club to open up about their ongoing love story.

It turns out the couple met in a less than conventional way – a Taco Tuesday to be specific.

So who is Muni Long’s husband and how have they made their marriage last for almost a decade? Here’s what we know.

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Muni Long talks meeting her husband for the first time

Singer-songwriter Muni Long (Priscilla Renea) recently appeared on The Breakfast Club talking all things career, paving her way in the industry, and romance.

Towards the end of the interview, the 33-year-old opened up about her relationship with Masimba Chibanda, her husband of eight years, revealing she wasn’t particularly keen when the pair first met.

“He has a very different version of events. When I met him, he had like two girls with him and I thought he was disgusting,” Muni started. “I was just very much playing hard to get. (It happened) at a Taco Tuesday.”

“We started working out together, look at him, he’s very muscular. I wanted to lose weight so we started working out. He got me ripped,” she added.

The artist then went on to explain how the two started dating. “One day he took me on a date to Burger King. From there, we started going to church together, you know. It was very much like, very quick.

“We went from working out together to seeing each other like four months, and then six months later he proposed. If you ask him, he’ll be like, ‘I was just trying to take you off the market before somebody else got you pregnant.’ That’s what he’ll say.”

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Masimba Chibanda is the inspiration behind Muni Long’s hits

Not only is Masimba Chibanda Muni Long’s husband, but he’s also proved to be a huge inspiration behind the artist’s tracks.

During her interview on The Breakfast Club, Long got candid about No Signal, a song about communication in a relationship.

She then revealed how she had dealt with communication in her marriage over the eight-year period, sharing: “We got married at 25, so we’ve grown together – literally. We’ve just learned to let each other be. Be vocal… be smooth.”

As for songs such as Sneaky Link, which focuses on the downfalls of a relationship, Muni said she takes inspiration from her friends. “It actually came from a homegirl of mine… I’m a storyteller,” she told The Breakfast Club.

Fans react to Muni Long getting candid about her husband

Masimba Chibanda stays out of the spotlight, despite Muni Long’s successful music career, so the singer’s recent interview about her marriage has us all talking.

“Muni Long singing about her HUSBAND makes hrs and hrs even better,” one fan tweeted.

“Muni Long and her husband are such a fine couple,” another wrote.

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