Remembering Anwar Zayden, 'the most Miami man in Miami'

Bruno Cooke March 25, 2021

Anwar Zayden, “Miami wildman” and internet hero, returned to our screens yesterday via Vice’s The Legend of Anwar documentary. What else is known about Anwar Zayden? How did he die? What was his net worth before he died?

Anwar Zayden, legend of Miami, knew ‘how to make an entrance’

According to a long read in the Miami New Times published in April 2014, Anwar Zayden, “strikingly slab-like” in “leather vest and white tunic”, bolted through property developer Thomas Kramer’s $35 million house on a white purebred Paso Fino (horse) as part of the former’s 50th birthday celebrations.

And that’s not the only story worth telling about Anwar.

Zayden’s legendofanwar Instagram account contains contains photo evidence of the Legend of Miami’s lavish lifestyle.

From hanging out with Will Smith to barbecuing sausages in his tight red swimming trunks – “Be a snack… eat like Legend” – Zayden knew how to have a good time.

He was a strongman, a lover of horses, and a gentle giant, whose Instagram posts occasionally violated the platform’s community guidelines. 

Nevertheless, he merited documenting – watch the film below.

How did Anwar Zayden die?

Anwar Zayden passed away on 19 May, 2020, as announced via his legendofanwar Instagram page the following day.

However, his page has been active since – four posts have appeared since news of his passing.

Those managing his account are maintaining it “in his honor”, as his page “brought smiles to a lot of people”.

His exact cause of death is not in the public domain. However, a Reddit user claiming to be a relation of Anwar’s said his death might have been a result of a pulmonary embolism.

He also apparently broke his leg several days before he died.

Regardless, the user concludes, “he had a heart of gold and will always be remembered for that”.

IG: legendofanwar

Where was he from?

Anwar Zayden’s parents were Lebanese immigrants living in Cuba, before the presidency of Fidel Castro.

From the Miami New Times, his father (Alfredo) was a trader, while his mother (Graciella) was the daughter of a construction magnate.

The couple moved to Miami after militants burned Alfredo’s store in 1958. 

Anwar was born in 1961, but his father’s assignments working for the Central Intelligence Agency (CIA) kept them moving from country to country.

They lived in Venezuela, Puerto Rico, Lebanon and Spain, during which time the family increased in size, eventually comprising four daughters and two sons.

How did he make his money?

Zayden apparently made his money competing as a bull rider in rodeos. 

In 1984, his “permed-out, European-style hunk” style won over the Mr Love 94 casting director, Barbara Diprima, and landed him an audition, which he nailed.

“He just exuded sex,” Diprima told the New Times.

What was Anwar Zayden’s net worth?

Net Worth Post has previously estimated his net worth to be $1.3 million. But exactly how much he was worth is not public knowledge. 

Nevertheless, a property he bought in 1990 for $338,000 swelled in value to at least $1.2 million, so the figure might be about right.