Anna Sorokin has returned to Instagram after her prison release, amid reports that her story will become a Netflix series.

Anna Sorokin rose to international attention after her story was covered by New York Magazine’s Jessica Pressler. Since her release from prison, with charges of larceny and theft of services, news has broken that her story will hit the silver screen.

So, what is Anna’s Instagram and what did she have to say about the new Netflix series?

anna sorokin instagram
(L-R) Giudo Cacciatori, Gro Curtis, Giorgia Tordini, and Anna Delvey attend the first Tumblr Fashion Honor presented to Rodarte at The Jane Hotel on September 9, 2014 in New York, United States. (Photo by Dave Kotinsky/Getty Images)

Who is Anna Sorokin?

Anna Sorokin, 30, was born in Russia on 23 January 1991.

In 2007, aged 16, her family moved to Germany. Anna completed her school studies in Germany, despite struggling with the language. After graduating, she moved to London to attend Central Saint Martins. But Anna soon dropped out of the art school and returned to Germany.

Anna Sorokin started to call herself “Anna Delvey” while an intern at French fashion magazine Purple. She was working in their Paris office. She upped the façade in 2013, when she moved to New York City. While in NY, Anna started to tell people that she was heir to a €60 million trust fund. In pretending to be an heiress, Anna would get her friends and acquaintances to pay for her lavish lifestyle under the pretence that she’d pay them back.

In 2017, Anna Sorokin was arrested on six charges of grand larceny. The thefts totalled $275,000. She was given a sentence in 2019 of four to twelve years behind bars, however was released on 11 February 2021.

Anna Sorokin on Instagram

Since her release from prison, Anna has re-entered the world of social media.

She currently has over 85,000 Instagram followers and counting, with whom she shares details of her life. You can follow her at @theannadelvey.

Anna speaks on new Netflix series

Anna Sorokin’s story will reportedly be turned into a Netflix series. It will be produced by Shonda Rhimes, who is responsible for TV hits like Grey’s Anatomy, Scandal, and more recently, Bridgerton.

It was reported that Netflix paid Anna $320,000 for the rights to her story, but that she’s had to use that money to pay off her victims.

On Instagram, Anna Sorokin made reference to the upcoming series. On 21 February 2021, Anna shared a clip of the TV series Billions with the caption: “Oh wait they already made series about me.” She had uploaded a clip to her Instagram earlier that day with the caption “Bobby Axelrod is just a male version of me.” Bobby Axelrod is played by Damian Lewis in the show.

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