Anna Paulina Luna ran for Congress in Florida’s 13th Congressional District. What is Republican Anna Luna’s age and bio?

Who is Anna Luna?

Born in Orange County, California, Anna Luna received her Bachelor’s degree at the University of West Florida in 2017.

On 18 August this year, Luna won the Republican nomination for her district by a substantial margin. On that basis, she ran for election to the US House to represent the 13th Congressional District of Florida.

However, she lost the vote to the incumbent, Democrat Charlie Crist. Luna received 47% of the vote share, while Crist received 53%.

Her campaign ran on four tenets, as outlined in a campaign video released in December 2019. Anna Paulina Luna is proudly “pro-life, pro-God, pro-gun, and anti-socialist”.

Paulina received a gushing “Complete & Total” endorsement from Donald Trump for winning the Republican Party nomination.

Trump said he was “very impressed” by her performance while labelling her opponent Charlie Crist a “Pelosi puppet”.

According to her campaign website, her reason for opposing abortion is that her mother decided to keep her. She also states the mission of her life is to stop human trafficking.

Luna advocates a “common sense approach” to handling the climate crisis, saying: “Fishing is a huge deal.” She claims to be “living proof that anything is possible in America”.

Anna Luna’s age while running for Congress

Anna Luna joined the Air Force when she was 19. She spent six years in the military, owns a small business and has also earned a degree in biology.

She was one of the youngest people running for Congress.

What is Anna Luna’s age, you ask? Her birthday is 6 May 1984, making her 36 years old. Her birth sign is Taurus.

She has previously worked as a model for Ballistic magazine, the “Premier Firearms & Survival Magazine”.

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