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Is Angela Dansbury Trump's lawyer? Sarah Cooper video confuses Twitter

Jane Corscadden November 17, 2020
Is Angela Dansbury Trump's lawyer? Sarah Cooper video confuses Twitter
Photo by DNCC via Getty Images

Who is Trump lawyer Angela Dansbury? Comedian Sarah Cooper went viral on Twitter yesterday for her lip-synch impression of a ditzy Trump lawyer, whom she calls Angela Dansbury. The trouble is, some users believe the audio track might be real.

So, what’s happening here? Put on your detective caps and follow us…

The Sarah Cooper video

Cooper’s Twitter video has racked up four million views and a whole lot of confusion so far.

How did the Angela Dansbury Trump lawyer joke start?

Sarah Cooper is a New York-based author and comedian, known for her lip sync videos mocking President Trump.

With the that Trump is contesting the results of the recent presidential election due to his belief that voting fraud occurred, Sarah Cooper turned off her Trump character, and stepped in to the role of a Trump lawyer instead.

The video sees Cooper, in the role of fictional Trump lawyer Angela Dansbury, asking an imaginary judge to discount “three ballots which we have found to have chocolate sauce on them, which is disqualifying under the Constitution…Amendment…82-C.”

She continues: “Five or six million ballots that were not for Trump. We just kind of want to get rid of those.”

This is a result of the real-life occurrence where Trump said he would sue every state where Joe Biden won.

Some people think the video is real

It has been argued that President Trump is now beyond satire – with comedians struggling to top his real life actions and a pervasive uncertainty about the difference between fact and fiction regarding Trump news.

That’s why, when Sarah Cooper accompanied her spoof video with the caption “Yes this is a lip sync from a court hearing today”, many people believed her.

Even Colin Hanks, actor and son of Tom Hanks, took the bait and shared it with his Twitter followers.

Finally, Sarah had to break the bad news that the video wasn’t actually a lip sync of a real-life court hearing, but a comedy sketch of her own creation.

And Hanks Jr wasn’t the only one to believe the spoof was a re-enactment of a real event.

Hilariously (or depressingly) enough, one lawyer remarked on how real the video seems.

So, what do we know? Firstly, Angela Dansbury is not a real Trump lawyer, however sadly real the sketch may seem.

Secondly, if President Trump decides to skip Biden’s inauguration in January, Sarah Cooper is happy and willing to step in.

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