Is Andrew Brodeur in Ms Marvel? Casting rumours explained

Jane Corscadden December 8, 2020

Is Andrew Brodeur going to be in Ms Marvel? The young actor has been rumoured to appear in the new Disney series set to debut in 2021.

But do these rumours stack up?

Who is Andrew Brodeur?

Andrew Brodeur is an American actor. He was born in Hollywood, Florida, but later moved to Winston-Salem, North Carolina.

The move to North Carolina was due to Andrew’s dad getting a new job in the state, Andrew told VoyageATL.

In the same interview, the young actor talked about his passion for his chosen profession: “I want to be able to bring about change and growth within the world and acting is the best way I can do that.”

Andrew Brodeur is best known for his roles in MacGyver (2016), Tall Girl (2019), and Christmas On The Square (2020).

Photo by Jon Kopaloff/Getty Images

His social media accounts are currently set to private.

Is Andrew Brodeur in Ms Marvel?

An official cast list for the 2021 Disney series Ms Marvel has not yet been announced, but fans have been speculating online.

The rumours surrounding Brodeur’s role in the show – as well as others, including Yasmeen Fletcher – originated on fan pages.

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So, we can’t be sure if these casting rumours are true just yet, but, according to fans and Internet sleuths, they seem to be based on Brodeur’s social media activity.

Some Marvel fans have been vocal against Andrew Brodeur’s involvement in Ms Marvel, citing allegations of sexual assault and alleged Title IX crimes from the actor’s past. So far, these rumours haven’t been addressed by anyone at Marvel or by Brodeur himself and remain unproven.

A thread on Reddit suggested the overall rumoured casting of Ms Marvel was “potentially problematic,” due to a lack of ethnic and religious diversity among a cast of actors playing brown, Muslim characters.