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Amber Heard’s bee earring shows she's 'copying Johnny', Twitter 'sleuths' claim

Shania Wilson May 17, 2022
Amber Heard’s bee earring shows she's 'copying Johnny', Twitter 'sleuths' claim
Photo by STEVE HELBER/POOL/AFP via Getty Images


Amber Heard’s court looks have been examined, trolled and everything in between but, more recently, attention has shifted towards a specific accessory.

As the Johnny Depp versus Amber Heard defamation case resumes and enters its fifth week, the Aquaman star has been pictured wearing bumble-bee-shaped earrings, prompting online ‘sleuths’ to share their theories.

Some people have accused Heard of copying ex-husband Depp’s court attire – now some Twitter users claim her latest statement earrings serve as ‘proof’.

Alternatively, others are convinced Amber’s bee-shaped earrings have something to do with the bizarre statement she made about her dog stepping on a bee.

Confused? Allow us to break down every Twitter-user-generated theory.

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Photo by STEVE HELBER/POOL/AFP via Getty Images

Amber Heard wears bee earrings to court

Amber Heard’s court outfits have come under the Twitter spotlight lately – and people seem to have a lot to say.

Earlier in the week, Twitter trolls accused Heard of resembling Austin Powers character Dr Evil because of her grey, high-neck jacket.

More recently, the star’s embellished Gucci bee earrings caused a stir online, prompting yet more theories.

However, although Amber wore the earrings in court on 16 May she has been pictured wearing them before the current defamation case.

Actor Johnny Depp is suing Amber Heard for defamation following an op-ed she published in the Washington Post in 2018. He has asked for $50 million in damages, The Independent reports. Heard is countersuing Depp and has asked for $100 million in damages and immunity against his claims.

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Photo by STEVE HELBER/POOL/AFP via Getty Images

Twitter sleuths accuse Amber Heard of copying Johnny Depp

Over on Twitter, online ‘sleuths’ are maintaining a theory Heard is mimicking Johnny Depp’s court looks, including outfits, hair and accessories.

If you recall, Depp wore a Gucci tie with a bee lapel pin on the first day of the trial and, the following day, Amber sported a similar bee lapel pin and tie.

The bee theme now seems to be prominent in Amber’s accessory collection, and some social media users are convinced her earrings are a continuation.

“Amber Heard is wearing a bee earring again today. They can’t let someone have something special or meaningful,” one person claimed.

“Didn’t Johnny wear a bee tie?” another wrote.

Others think statement accessory relates to dog story

Earlier on in the case, Amber Heard was mocked online for telling a story during her testimony about her dog stepping on a bee.

As reported by Insider, the actress alleged: “(Johnny Depp) grabs this teacup Yorkie and holds Boo out of the window of the moving car, and he’s howling like an animal while holding the dog out the window.

“And everyone in the car – I’ll never forget it – everyone just froze. No one did anything. I too was torn as to what I should do because I didn’t want to do anything to cause him to react and drop the dog.

“My dog stepped on a bee.”

Amber’s line about her dog stepping on a bee sent the court, and social media, into confusion, with many questioning the relevance of her story. Now some Twitter users think her Gucci bee earrings could relate to her testimony.

“OMG Amber Heard is not only wearing the I Stepped On A Bee Earring AGAIN.. she’s TAUNTING IT!!” one person tweeted.

Please note these are merely Twitter theories and there is no proof this is anything more than coincidence. Bee-lieve us!

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