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Is Amber Heard still a L'Oreal spokesperson? 'Word cloud' and petition explored

Bruno Cooke May 24, 2022
amber heard loreal l'oreal
Photo by Lawrence Busacca/Getty Images for L'Oréal


During day 20 of the ongoing Amber Heard versus Johnny Depp defamation case, now into its sixth week, Johnny Depp’s lawyer asked expert witness Kathryn Arnold whether she knew anything about a L’Oreal “word cloud” about the actress – so is Amber still a spokesperson for the brand and what’s this about a petition to remove her?

Depp’s lawyer asks Kathryn Arnold about Amber Heard L’Oreal ‘word cloud’

“Did you see L’Oreal make a word cloud of the words that were most commonly associated with Miss Heard in its marketing campaign?” Johnny Depp’s lawyer asked entertainment industry expert Kathryn Arnold yesterday (23 May 2022).

“I knew they did that,” she replied. “I didn’t see it myself.”

“Do you know what words they were?” Depp’s lawyer asked.

“Again, no.”

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Those searching for the apparent L’Oreal “word cloud” haven’t found anything. It appears to have been something that remained within the company, i.e., not public.

Is Amber Heard still a L’Oreal spokesperson?

The L’Oreal Paris USA website currently lists Amber Heard as a brand ambassador – part of its “Dream Team”.

The brand states she represents the “modern superheroine”. She is “witty and smart”, “defies stereotypes” and “is committed to making her voice heard”.

“She is an outspoken advocate for equality in Hollywood, children’s and LGBTQ rights.”

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Amber Heard also features on the equivalent list on the L’Oreal Paris UK website

However, there are some people – no doubt many of them Johnny Depp fans – who would like L’Oreal Paris USA to “terminate her ambassadorship“. Almost 140,000 people have signed a petition to “remove Amber Heard as a L’Oreal spokesperson” – the petition launched in 2019.

The brand has previously said it would share such opinions “with the appropriate individuals in our company”. It thanks those for sharing their opinions and appreciates “the time you have taken to give us your perspective”.

How to stay up to date with the case

Sky News has been providing running updates of the Johnny Depp v Amber heard defamation case, which is now in its sixth week.

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Today is day 21. Court starts at 2pm UK time, or 9am in Fairfax, Virginia. Sky’s last update, from the end of yesterday’s proceedings, contains links to reports on “key moments and bits of testimony”.

Starting with Depp and Heard’s legal teams’ opening statements and running until yesterday’s claims that Amber’s loss of earnings “could be as high as $50 million”, the outlet’s How To Read All Our Coverage So Far resource is useful when trying to get to grips with five and half weeks of testimony and cross-examination.

Johnny Depp is suing Amber Heard for defamation because of an op-ed she wrote for the Washington Post in 2018. Heard is countersuing Depp. The case is due to continue.

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