Who is Amanda Hogan? Meet Carrot Top's long-time girlfriend

Yasmine Leung January 5, 2022
Who is Amanda Hogan? Meet Carrot Top's long-time girlfriend

Comedian Carrot Top recently appeared on the Joe Rogan Experience, discussing his weight and meeting Gene Simmons, during which he revealed he “was seeing somebody”. With that said, fans are eager to know more about his girlfriend Amanda Hogan.

Stand-up comedian Carrot Top was the latest guest on Joe Rogan’s podcast, during which they dived into his career and various hilarious episodes such as meeting Gene Simmons. And yes, he did an amusing impersonation of the KISS legend.

During his recount, he casually threw in that he “was seeing somebody”, so fans are now surfing the web to find out more about his long-term partner.

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Wolf Like Me | Official Trailer | Peacock Original

Wolf Like Me | Official Trailer | Peacock Original

Meet Amanda Hogan

Carrot Top, real name Scott Thompson, is currently in a relationship with Amanda Lorraine Hogan. The couple keep their relationship relatively private as they don’t often share photos of each other on social media.

That’s probably why fans had no idea Thompson was committed. In fact, they’ve been together since at least 25 March 2015, his first appearance on Hogan’s page.

Her Instagram handle is anythymecatering, dedicated to her catering business. Judging from her uploads, though, the account was originally more of a personal page but she has committed to showcasing her graze boards since 2019.

She is reportedly 38 years old, so she was born August 1983. Thompson is 56, so there’s an 18-year age difference.

Hogan lives in Las Vegas, working on her catering and events planning business, which was founded in February 2012.

When she’s not exploring her love of cooking, she’s creating handmade ceramics, which she sells on Etsy.

Check out the adorable couple on social media

Although Carrot Top rarely posts couple photos, he used to always tag her in his tweets.

Here’s some of the pair’s most adorable pics together, as well as their dog Hailey, who they call their “boo bear”!

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