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What illness did Alma Wahlberg have? Health condition explored

Eve Edwards April 18, 2021
alma wahlberg illness
Photo by Ron Galella, Ltd./Ron Galella Collection via Getty Images

This Sunday 18 April 2021, news broke that Alma Wahlberg has died after an illness.

On 18 April, Alma’s children announced that their mother had passed. Mark Wahlberg tweeted “My angel. Rest in peace.” Donnie Wahlberg also shared an Instagram video reminiscing over some of his favourite memories with Alma.

Who was Alma Wahlberg?

While her children Mark and Donnie Wahlberg might be more instantly recognisable, many fans also followed Alma for all their years in the spotlight.

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Alma Wahlberg was born on 6 May 1942 in Boston, Massachusetts. She was 78 years old when she passed.

Alma had seven children: Mark, Donnie, Paul, Arthur, Tracey, Michelle, Jim, Debbie and Robbie.

For Wahlberg fans, you will recognise Alma from the reality TV series, Wahlburgers.

Photo by Marc Andrew Deley/FilmMagic

What illness did Alma Wahlberg have?

In the reports of Alma Wahlberg’s death on 18 April, they stated she passed after an illness.

The Wahlberg family have never spoken candidly about Alma’s exact diagnosis, however they have discussed her health deteriorating over the past year. Donnie has also hinted that Alma had been diagnosed with memory loss – People reported that she had dementia.

In July 2020, Donnie Wahlberg shared to Instagram a hint at Alma’s health condition. Donnie wrote: “I know that so many of you have asked how my mom Alma is doing. During my visit, she didn’t remember much, and was often confused, but somehow she was still Alma. She still lights up a room. She still made me smile. She’s still stubborn. And she still loves her baby Donnie.”

In an Instagram Live video discussing Mothers Day with fans, Donnie also spoke of his mother’s condition.

Donnie said: “Her memory’s really bad so she doesn’t really know what’s going on … I’ll FaceTime her and she has a bruise on her face or arm and she’s got ice on it and I’ll say ‘What happened?’ and she says ‘I don’t know’. So, it’s kind of like that.”

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