The Brooklyn Nets sports host Ally Love has recently announced via Instagram that she is engaged to long-term boyfriend, Andrew Hayes. Now, fans want to know more about Love’s fiancé.

Ally Love is engaged!

Ally Love recently took to Instagram and Twitter to announce her engagement to boyfriend Andrew Haynes. The sports show host and Peloton instructor captioned the post with an enthusiastic “I SAID YES!!!!!”

Ally’s caption is filled with genuine happiness and excitement, calling the proposal “unexpected and so perfect”. While there isn’t much known about her fiancé (or FIANCÉ, as she delightedly capped the term), an Instagram post from last year reveals some more information about the happy couple.

Meet Ally’s fiancé, Andrew Haynes

Andrew shies away from the spotlight, so not much is known publicly about him. Ally is also pretty private about the relationship.

In an Instagram post that offers a rare glimpse into the happy couple, Ally describes her fiancé as “quiet (until he’s not)” and a lover of Indian food, live comedy and globe-trotting. We’re sold! Ally, of course, knows that she’s got “solid GOLD” (as per her caption) on her hands.

Andrew is originally from Trinidad and the couple now live together in New York. Ally and Andrew also have a shared love of travelling, having been to over 22 countries together so far.

According to a New York Times feature on her Sunday ritual, Ally and Andrew “see each other every day. I start my mornings with him, and sometimes on Sundays he joins for church,” she says.

Ally, who is the CEO of Love Squad, told Coveteur that she and Andrew “converse a lot, no matter how busy we are. We talk about issues a LOT and work through a lot of things and are very in tune with what is happening topically and culturally.”

There is currently no date or further details about the couple’s marriage plans but expect an update from Ally in the near future.

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