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Who is Alex Stein? Dan Crenshaw ‘confronted’ by comedian

Bruno Cooke June 20, 2022
Who is Alex Stein? Dan Crenshaw ‘confronted’ by comedian


Right-wing comedian, social media personality and activist Alex Stein confronted Texas Republican congressman Dan Crenshaw on Saturday, repeatedly shouting and calling him a “globalist RINO”.

Reports have since described Stein’s confrontation as an assault, to which Stein took to Twitter yesterday claiming “no one was assaulted today other than myself”.

The last time Stein made headlines was in March when a clip of him singing a song about Russian president Vladimir Putin went viral.

What do we know about Alex Stein’s career to date, his age, and how he came to arrive at the Texas GOP convention Dan Crenshaw was at?

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Source: YouTube [Alex Stein]

Who is Dan Crenshaw provocateur Alex Stein?

Hailing from Dallas, Texas, Alex Stein is a social media personality, comedian and YouTuber.

In the past three months he’s seen his Instagram following more than double. He had 54,000 followers in March; now he has 134,000. He goes by @primetimestein on the platform, and tends to post daily.

Stein has also played himself in a handful of television series – Excused (2012), The Glass House (2012), Worst Cooks In America (2013), Sweet Home Alabama (2013) and Outsiders (2022).

What is Alex Stein’s age?

Alex Stein is 36 years old – possibly 37 – despite what D Magazine calls his “preppy, boyish appearance”.

“Brown hair swooped to the side,” the magazine’s recent profile (published 5 May 2022) continues, “he could pass as a younger brother to Tucker Carlson.” Stein milked the comparison for all it was worth during an interview with Tucker Carlson in March. Watch it via Twitter here.

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Photo by Janos Kummer/Getty Images

Controversial provocateur Stein owes his notoriety at least in part to House Bill 2840, writes D Magazine. 2840 became Texas law in September 2019, and requires governmental bodies to give time to public speakers.

It also requires public speakers’ comments to be distributed via free media, all but guaranteeing they’ll be posted as videos online. As a prankster, Alex Stein has been able to reach a far wider audience than he otherwise would have done.

What do we know about his family life?

His father’s name is Rhett. Alex lives in the upstairs unit of a duplex, opposite Highland Park High School in Dallas, Texas, while Rhett Stein lives on the floor below.

Now 67, Rhett operated a used car-selling business in Dallas for four decades. Dallas Magazine previously described him as “Park Cities born and bred, a high-profile wheeler-dealer with friends in both high and low places”.

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The Great Imposter and Me | Official Trailer | E:60

The Great Imposter and Me | Official Trailer | E:60

In recent years, however, he’s “softened”. Rhett claims Alex’s “recent behaviour” might have to do with his mother’s – Rhett’s ex-wife’s – death: Kelly Stein died of covid-19 in October 2021.

“It traumatised him,” Rhett told D. “It totally broke him down – and he’s reacting to that traumatisation. He’s not the same person after that. He says he is, but he’s not the same guy right now.” 

It’s not clear whether Alex Stein is married but certain outlets have connected him romantically with a woman named Lexanne. They’ve appeared in each other’s social media feeds several times over the years.

Alex Stein’s ‘scuffle’ with Texas congressman Dan Crenshaw explained

Daniel Reed Crenshaw is a politician and former US Navy SEAL. He currently serves as the representative for Texas’s 2nd congressional district, and is a Republican.

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Photo by Alex Wong/Getty Images

On Sunday (19 June 2022), Yahoo reported Alex Stein “confronted” Dan Crenshaw – and they had “scuffled”. Stein repeatedly shouted at Crenshaw that he was a “globalist RINO (Republican In Name Only)”.

He also called him “Eyepatch McCain”, a term Tucker Carlson coined. It refers to late senator John McCain and the fact Crenshaw wears an eyepatch.

Mediaite reported that Alex Stein had “assaulted” Dan Crenshaw; Stein tweeted that Crenshaw’s security team had assaulted him. Watch the video here.

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