Do Adam and Rebekah Neumann have children? Meet the WeWork family

Yasmine Leung March 21, 2022
Do Adam and Rebekah Neumann have children? Meet the WeWork family

Adam and Rebekah Neumann are back in the spotlight following the release of Apple TV+ drama WeCrashed on 18 March – so do the WeWork couple have children and where have they been since they exited the billion-dollar company?

New Apple TV+ series WeCrashed follows the story of WeWork founder Adam Neumann and his wife, Rebekah. The US commercial real estate company provides flexible shared workspace for technology startups and services for other enterprises. However, as reported by Vox, the company’s valuation plummeted from its reported peak of $47 billion to $8 billion.

In WeCrashed, Jared Leto stars as Adam Neumann, while Anne Hathaway portrays Rebekah, who was also WeWork chief brand and impact officer.

The couple have been out of the spotlight since 2019 but have been thrust back into the headlines following the premiere of WeCrashed. Viewers are now curious to know more about the couple.

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WeCrashed | Official Trailer | Apple TV+

WeCrashed | Official Trailer | Apple TV+

How did the Neumanns meet?

The couple met in 2007 through one of Rebekah’s college friends and there was an immediate spark. She told Coveteur: “From the second I met Adam there was an energy between us that felt like it was larger than just the two of us.”

Adam saw it slightly differently. He told the audience at his 2017 Baruch College Commencement Address: “Within five minutes – now, I say five minutes to be nice but it surely took ten seconds – (Rebekah) looked me straight in the eye and she said, ‘You, my friend, are full of s***. Every single word that comes out of your mouth is fake.‘”

Nevertheless, the couple tied the knot one year later and have been happily married ever since.

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Do Adam and Rebekah Neumann have children?

Yes, the couple have six children, including two sets of twins, as reported by Harper’s Bazaar. They welcomed their first daughter, Elle, in 2011 – she is 11 years old in 2022.

Manhattan private school WeGrow, led by Rebekah, was part of the WeWork network. When she failed to find a school she was satisfied with, the 44-year-old launched a curriculum centred around the “six pillars of growth”, as reported by Forbes. The system focused on teaching children entrepreneurial skills, combined with mindfulness techniques such as yoga and meditation.

Attendance to the school came at a hefty price, though. Tuition fees ranged from $22,000 to $24,000. The Neumann children attended WeGrow until the family left New York City after Adam decided he wanted to escape the “negative energy” surrounding his company’s fall from grace, the New York Post reports.

Since 2019, the newspaper reports the family has travelled via rented private jet to South America and Israel, Adam’s native country, accompanied by staff such as nannies and security.

The children attended a Tel Aviv school for a while before heading back to New York in 2020, where they settled in an estate in Amagansett, next to Rebekah’s cousin Gwyneth Paltrow.

What happened to WeWork?

As reported by the Guardian, it all went wrong for WeWork soon after it publicly filed documents for an initial public offering (IPO) of shares in August 2019. Six weeks later, Neumann voted to remove himself from his chief executive job and gave up his majority control of WeWork’s stock.

The company’s proposed IPO valuation had more than halved and been cancelled. The company was subsequently taken over by SoftBank, its largest investor, which found WeWork was haemorrhaging money, while its projections of the size of market for shared office space were wildly optimistic.

Adam Neumann received $245 million in company stock and $200 million in cash in 2021, part of an exit package from WeWork, the Guardian reports.

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