The Association of Charitable Organisations (ACO), the UK’s umbrella body for benevolent charities, has published a free guide to setting up funds to support people during the coronavirus crisis.

The guide identifies the key considerations and minimum requirements for establishing grant-making operations to help people struggling during the pandemic.

It also provides insights into how charities have been adapting grant-making procedures to be more flexible. New grant-makers, meanwhile, can get advice on how to set up their operations.


The guide recommends working with ACO grant-giving charities to use the organisation’s infrastructure to distribute funds quickly and efficiently.

For those wishing to establish a new fund, however, the publication provides a step-by-step guide.

ACO chief executive Donal Watkin said: “As a result of the covid-19 outbreak we have seen an increase in organisations wishing to set up funds to help individuals who require urgent financial support.

“While it is encouraging to see new funds being established, it is important they are managed effectively to operate efficiently and best meet the needs of individuals.


“As the UK’s umbrella body for benevolent funds, we have used our insights into working with charities during the crisis to develop this guide to help new funds establish their grant-making operations.”

The guide is entitled Coronavirus: Delivering Financial Support. A Guide For Grant Making To Individuals During the Covid-19 Outbreak.

To download a free copy, visit the ACO’s website.

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