William LeGate net worth: How much is the Good Pillow co-founder worth?

Bruno Cooke February 10, 2021
Photo by Sportsfile/Corbis/Sportsfile via Getty Images

26-year-old entrepreneur William LeGate just announced the launch of Good Pillow, with fellow entrepreneur (and gun control activist) David Hogg, to compete with Mike Lindell’s MyPillow. Who is William LeGate, and what is his net worth?

William LeGate net worth

Relatively little is known about William LeGate’s finances. Nevertheless, CelebSageWiki estimates his net worth to be between $1 million and $5 million.

However, this could easily be an underestimate.

Age 26, LeGate is already a successful entrepreneur (when he was just 20, Business Insider listed him among the most powerful 20-year-olds in the tech industry).

Another marker of early entrepreneurial success: in 2013, LeGate received a $100,000 grant from German-American venture capitalist Peter Thiel, as part of the Thiel Fellowship.

With the grant, LeGate developed social media app Ponder with co-developer Tyler Mateen (of Tinder). Ponder launched in April 2016, marketing itself as an “anti-social network”.

LeGate was also a lead software developer at iDeos for one year, in Los Angeles.

William LeGate’s new venture: Good Pillow

LeGate’s latest business venture is Good Pillow, which aims to compete with Mike Lindell’s MyPillow. LeGate’s business partner is gun control activist (and Parkland school shooting survivor) David Hogg.

Good Pillow has already picked up a lot of media attention in its short existence, apparently trending past Trump’s impeachment trial n Twitter.

So much so, LeGate has put out a call to business magnate Elon Musk via Twitter, saying “we are trying to launch a pillow into space”.


Washington Post used the fitting phrase “pillow fight” to describe the relationship between LeGate and Hogg’s new company Good Pillow, and rival pillow manufacturer MyPillow. 

MyPillow CEO Mike Lindell recently came under heat for backing the former president’s unfounded claims about election fraud.

Meanwhile, Good Pillow co-founder David Hogg recently made headline news following a leaked video in which American politician Marjorie Taylor Greene makes some controversial claims about the Parkland school shooting. 

The US House of Representatives voted to expel Greene from the education and budget committees on 6 February.