Who owns Webull? The Chinese-owned trading platform Webull joined M1 and Public in removing restrictions on so-called “meme stocks” yesterday, the CEO saying “it wasn’t our choice”.

Who owns Webull?

Webull’s CEO is Anthony Denier, seen below defending his company’s choice to restrict AMC and GameStop trades earlier in the week.

Denier told Yahoo! Finance Live, “it wasn’t our choice”. He continued: “This has to do with settlement mechanics in the market.” 

While some Twitter users have been quick to point out the meaning of his surname when used in a sentence, others found his explanation of the debacle refreshingly comprehensible. 

But while Anthony Denier is the CEO of Webull, the company is Chinese-owned.

Webull predates Anthony Denier’s involvement. Founded by Wang Anquan of Alibaba Group, Webull expanded into the US recently with “breakneck” speed – according to Bloomberg.

Wang hired Denier to run the outfit as CEO in 2017, knowing that in order to build a global firm, “he would first need to succeed in the US.” (Bloomberg’s analysis).

Who is Webull CEO Anthony Denier?

Denier has been the CEO of Webull since July 2017. 

Before that, he held posts as CEO of LXM USA, a financial services provider, and as Director of JonesTrading, where he was responsible for European research.

Denier attended Columbia University, New York, where he completed his BA in Political Science in 2000. He lives in the Greater New York City Area.

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