Claiming that Adam Kinzinger has “embarrassed the Kinzinger family name”, Karen Otto, Kinzinger’s cousin, has made headline news in just two days. Who is Karen Otto, and what is her relation to GOP Rep. Adam Kinzinger?

Who is Karen Otto?

The cousin of Republican politician Adam Kinzinger, Karen Otto sent a letter to Kinzinger’s father – via certified mail – and another copy to the New York Times, expressing disappointment and disgust at Kinzinger for voting to impeach former president Donald Trump.

Otto has also accused Kinzinger of being a member of “the devil’s army” for his disloyalty to Trump’s cause.

Karen told the New York Times that she had spent $7 to have the letter sent via certified mail to Kinzinger’s father, to ensure it was received. She also sent it to several other Illinois lawmakers.

She told the newspaper: “I wanted Adam to be shunned”.

What do we know about Karen and Greg Otto?

Signed by 11 members of Kinzinger’s extended family, the letter claims that Kinzinger has “embarrassed the Kinzinger family name”.

A particularly observant Twitter user has pointed out that, despite the claim that Adam Kinzinger has befouled the “Kinzinger family name”, the primary signatory of the letter – Karen Otto – does not share the name.

Nor does fellow signatory, Greg Otto. According to one Twitter commentator, Karen and her husband Greg Otto have been married 52 years. However, this information is unverified.

Largely, however, Twitter’s reaction to the name has been to align Karen Otto with all the other Karens who inhabit the meme-sphere. 

Other comments think she should definitely ask to speak to the devil’s army’s manager.

Of course, there are those whose name is actually Karen, who don’t appreciate the name being dragged through the dirt.

One wrote: “Puh- lease stop with the Karen stuff. Sincerely, A nice Karen.”

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