Where is Liberté Chan? KTLA 5 viewers are concerned about Liberté Chan’s whereabouts, as she’s been absent from the show throughout January 2021.

Liberté Chan is a meteorologist and reporter at KTLA 5.

Channel 5 viewers have been wondering where Liberté is, after she’s been missing from several weekend broadcasts in the new year.

Who is Liberté Chan?

Liberté Chan joined the KTLA team back in 2003.

A native Angeleno, Liberté was born, and still continues to live, in Los Angeles, California.

Liberté Chan holds a Masters in Public Health from the University of Southern California.

Channel 5 viewers notice Liberté Chan is missing

The first few weeks of January 2021 have been without Liberté Chan reporting on KTLA 5.

Channel 5 viewers have picked up on Liberté’s absence from the channel.

One KTLA 5 viewer tweeted: “@libertechan hope you are back on the news soon. You have been missed.”

Where is Liberté Chan from KTLA News?

Liberté Chan has been on holiday in Aspen, Colorado.

On 17 January 2021, Liberté Chan shared an Instagram of herself in the snowy Aspen settings. In the post, Liberté noted: “yes, I will be in quarantine when I go back home in a few days.”

Liberté appears to be back in Los Angeles, sharing a snap of herself doing yoga on 25 January 2021. The quarantine period is around ten days. This means that it’s likely we’ll see Liberté Chan back on KTLA 5 for the first weekend in February 2021.

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