Following President Trump’s recent ban from a nearly all social media of platforms, some Twitter users joked that he may need to resort to a more antiquated form of communication: carrier pigeon. The logical consequence, of course, is another joke about Trump supporters being banned from owning pigeons. Oh, Twitter!

Are Trump supporters banned from owning pigeons?

No, that was a joke. At least we hope so.

However, some Twitters users have been having a field day since Donald Trump was banned from Twitter three days ago, following the Capitol building riots that left five dead.

The newest joke around the POTUS’s booting off social media is that now he may have to use carrier pigeons to communicate with his supporters.

Realistically, carrier pigeons went out of style in the early 20th century, so these claims are a little far-fetched.

However, just last year, a flock of pigeons were spotted wearing MAGA hats in Las Vegas. 25 birds were outfitted with tiny red caps and released in the city centre by a group calling itself P.U.T.I.N. (Pigeons United To Interfere Now) in what news outlets called a “sarcastic statement of loyalty” to President Trump.

So, this time around, the comedy side of Twitter is suggesting that Trump supporters could be banned from owning pigeons – just in case they try and send out secret messages to one another.

Where did the joke originate?

The posts are thought to have originated on Reddit and Twitter where users regularly come up with jokes and memes on current event. One user posted this, with the message: “Notably, experts have pointed out that the birds weren’t even carrier pigeons. As of press time nearly 1,000 now-flightless birds were walking around and defecating on the White House’s North Lawn.”

Twitter reacts

Many Twitter users have found the jokes about Trump using carrier pigeons hilarious:

With the president banned across social media platforms, only time will tell if he resorts to more antiquated methods of communicating with his supporters. Another theory that enjoyed its 15 minutes on Twitter was that Trump might sign up for an OnlyFans account. We’ll be sure to update you if anything comes of that.

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