Where is Stacey Hachey? The 8 October press conferences that followed the foiled plan to kidnap Michigan governor Gretchen Whitmer had people interested in one surprising feature – the absence of governor Whitmer’s regular sign language interpreter.

In a crack FBI case, a plan by a far-right militia group to kidnap Governor Whitmer and put her on trial for “treason” was stopped in its tracks.

The group, which calls itself the Wolverine Watchmen, had allegedly surveilled her home and discussed blowing up a connecting bridge while fleeing with Whitmer on a boat.

Governor Whitmer has regularly spoken out against the US government’s handling of the pandemic and it’s thought she became a target of the group when she put Michigan on a stay-at-home order.

However, viewers of the ensuing press conferences noticed one thing –governor Whitmer’s sign language interpreter had been replaced by a different, very expressive signer instead.

Who is Stacey Hachey? Where was she during yesterday’s press conference?

For those who have become used to having Stacey Hachey as a sign interpreter during the governor’s pandemic conferences and updates, don’t fret – she was simply signing for the district attorney’s statement instead.

Throughout this year, Hachey has been a vital part of the public’s understanding of the pandemic.


According to WFGR, Stacey Hachey has worked as an interpreter in Michigan since 2004 and currently works through a company called Signing Pros.

Where’s her mask during press conferences?

Although we know America’s relationship with masks is a little strained at times, many viewers have been left bewildered by the sign language interpreter’s lack of one.

However, in a podcast Hachey explained masks block out facial expressions, which are a key part of understanding American Sign Language.

She eased worries by confirming she stands at least 6ft away from Governor Whitmer at all times, though.

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