Josh Smiley wife: Is the ex-Eli Lilly CFO married? Does he have kids?

Bruno Cooke February 10, 2021

US pharmaceutical company Eli Lilly replaced chief financial officer Josh Smiley yesterday, citing an “inappropriate personal relationship” between Smiley and an employee. Does Josh Smiley have a wife? Does he have kids? We investigate.

Josh Smiley wife and family

Relatively little is known publicly about Josh Smiley’s marital status or family.

However, he does have a son, Nick. 

Although Riley Kids appears to have removed his Why I Give story from its donor stories, the Children’s Foundation previously reported that Josh Smiley’s son Nick was hospitalised at Riley Hospital following a severe kidney infection 10 years ago.

A decade later, Nick is 20 years old. As a return gift, Josh Smiley made a contribution to support paediatric research at the Riley Foundation hospital.

Screenshot via YouTube

Smiley as CFO of Eli Lilly and Company 

Smiley joined Eli Lilly 26 years ago, in 1995. He served as CFO and Senior Vice President of Lilly Laboratories. However, following the appointment of Anat Ashkenazi in his place, Smiley will no longer hold shares in the company.

Nevertheless, the former CFO has an estimated net worth of over $20 million, including his annual salary and the value of his shares.

Upon discovery of the alleged personal relationship between Smiley and a Lilly employee, the firm “immediately engaged external counsel” to conduct an independent investigation. 

The investigation found evidence of “consensual though inappropriate personal communications” between Smiley and certain Lilly employees. 

As a result, Josh Smiley resigned as CFO.

Following his resignation, Lilly’s new CFO will be Anat Ashkenazi, who has already worked at the company for 20 years.