What is Parler CEO John Matze’s net worth? As news breaks about Parler being removed from a number of web hosting services, people are wondering about the company’s CEO, John Matze. What is his background and career before Parler and how did he make his money?

Meet Parler CEO, John Matze

Matze graduated from the University of Denver in 2014, with a degree in computer science. According to Money inc, he freelanced as a software developer and eventually landed a job at Amazon.

However, Matze soon moved on from the confines of regular working hours and teamed up with fellow U of Denver graduate Jared Thompson and conservative donor Rebekah Mercer to found social media network Parler in 2018.

According to bugle24 Matze disliked the “lack of transparency, ideological suppression, and privacy abuse” of his workplace and saw Parler as a possible solution.

In an interview from 2019 for The Daily Caller, Matze explains that, on Parler, users are able to be candid while remaining private if they so wish. Originally, he says his goal for the app was for people to be uncensored within reason of federal law.

How he made his money

Parler was founded 2018. By July 2020, Celebpie reported the app had been downloaded 2.5 million times and had 2.8 million users.

Within its first two and a half years online, Parler gained traction, especially with American conservatives, after Matze got author Candace Owens to promote the app.

John Matze’s net worth

Unfortunately, there is no reliable information about John Matze’s net worth. However, considering the popularity of Parler and how many downloads it had over the past year alone, it would be fair to say Matze and his co-founders have made a decent income from it.

But, now that the app’s future seems to hang in the balance of current events, only time will tell what this means for its founders’ bottom line.

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