Mad Money host and TheStreet founder Jim Cramer has gained extra popularity following his WallStreetBets and GameStop analyses, but has recently been tweeting about being in the hospital. What to make of Jim Cramer’s surgery tweets?

Did Jim Cramer have surgery?

Cramer put his fans at ease with a tweet on 29 January, saying, “First, I am fine.”

“I had a pinched nerve”, he continued, “and needed surgery to relieve the pain.”

A few days later, presumably still in hospital following surgery, Cramer tweeted again, this time using his Jimmy Chill nickname to talk about himself in the third person. 

“Jimmy Chill says he does not appreciate opprobrium …and will block people as i did from the hospital bed because it was a nice diversion from surgery…“

That evening, he posted again to thank his followers and fans for their “kind comments”, saying it was “a very tough week made easier”.

Cramer’s surgery appears to have taken place at NYU Langone, in New York City. 

Fans of Jim Cramer’s have expressed their gladness at having him back hosting Mad Money on CNBC. 

Jim Cramer got the covid-19 jab

Two weeks ago, Jim Cramer posted a picture on his Instagram of him receiving the covid-19 vaccine. 

He encouraged his followers to do the same, saying: “Today is a great day! I encourage all of you who are eligible to get the COVID-19 vaccine.”

He counted access to the jab to be among the best things about turning 65.

The post received negative comments from some his followers. One user claimed it was virtue signalling, while another said this was the “one thing I disagree with you on.”

However, many also expressed their appreciation. One, for example, wrote: “we need u to live for another 40 years to give us advice.”

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