How much did Roaring Kitty make from the GameStop stock rise? The day trader, whose real name is Keith Gill, has just delivered his virtual testimony before Congress in relation to the GME scandal of a few weeks ago.

Keith Gill or Roaring Kitty, as he is known on his social media, became popular online thanks to his YouTube channel, where he used to upload videos featuring stock market and personal investment advice.

However, Gill is currently in the spotlight for a different reason – legal action against him over accusations of security fraud relating to the GameStop stock rise.

On Thursday, 18 February, Gill, aka Roaring Kitty, testified before the House Financial Services Committee, denying he had played any role in the meteoric rise of GameStop stock.

He explained to the committee: “The idea that I used social media to promote GameStop stock to unwitting investors and influence the market is preposterous.”

Along with scrutiny from Congress, Gill is also facing an inquiry from a Massachusetts state regulator. These accusations claim that Gill misrepresented himself as an amateur investor despite having previously been registered as a broker dealer for an insurance company.

The trials are still in process and no verdict has yet been reached at the time of writing.

How much did Roaring Kitty make from GameStop?

While it is unclear just how much Roaring Kitty made from his investments in GameStop, he said in his testimony that the stock had made him and his family “millionaires”.

In a Reddit post on 15 February, Keith, aka Roaring Kitty, said he made $7.8 million from the stock.

However, it has also been reported that he may have made up to $40 million after an initial investment of $53,566.04, while the Daily Mail reported Gill has “$13 million cash and tens of millions more in GameStop stock and options.”

With so may conflicting sources it is unclear just how much Keith, aka Roaring Kitty, did make from the stock, but it seems that he certainly did well from his investment.

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