Who was G Gordon Liddy’s wife? It was announced today that G Gordon Liddy passed away on Tuesday at the age of 90. We give you all the details about the mastermind behind the 1972 Watergate scandal, as well as his wife Frances Liddy.

Meet the man behind the Watergate scandal

G Gordon Liddy was born on 30 November 1930 in Brooklyn, New York.

Thomas Liddy, son of Gordon, confirmed the death of his father today at the age of 90. However, there was no clear information released about the cause of his death except that it was not covid-19 related.

His son also revealed that he had been battling Parkinson’s disease.

Liddy is most infamously known for his role in organising the Watergate scandal in 1972. This involved planning to bug the Democratic HQ during Richard Nixon’s re-election campaign.

Evidence showed that Liddy and E. Howard Hunt used radio’s to keep in close contact with the Watergate burglars.

UNITED STATES – APRIL 12: G. Gordon Liddy speaks at a pro-war rally sponsored by the Citizens United Foundation and Young America’s Foundation. About 2,000 people attended the event on the Mall near the Capitol in Washington, DC. (Photo By Chris Maddaloni/Roll Call/Getty Images)

Liddy was convicted of conspiracy, burglary and wiretapping and was sentenced to 20 years in prison, however, he only served five years of this sentence.

He was also notorious for remaining unapologetic about his actions in the Watergate Scandal.

He became well known for his autobiography Will, as well as the host of the radio show The G Gordon Liddy Show.

According to CelebrityNetWorth G Gordon Liddy had a net worth of about $3 million.

Who was G Gordon Liddy’s wife?

G Gordon Liddy’s wife was Frances P. Liddy. She was born in Poughkeepsie, New York on 2 December 1932.

Frances attended the College of New Rochelle, gaining a degree in Economics and a masters in education from the State University of New York.

After this she worked in Poughkeepsie’s Savings Bank, as an economic analyst and also as a teacher in public schools for 18 years.

UNITED STATES – SEPTEMBER 01: Gordon G. Liddy and Wife (Photo by The LIFE Picture Collection via Getty Images)

Frances Liddy died just over a decade before Gordon on 5 February 2010. The pair were married for just over 52 years.

Frances and G Gordon Liddy had five children together: Alexandra, Grace, James, Thomas and Raymond. Gordon and Frances also had 12 grandchildren.

We send their family our best wishes at this difficult time.

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