Throw on your best orange jumpsuit and grab a mop because Misfits is on Netflix. This is not a drill. However, fans are wondering what happened to Nathan in Misfits? Where did he go? And, more importantly, did he ever find out whether a bear would beat a shark in a fight?

Keep reading for Robert Sheehan’s best lines as Nathan from Misfits. But beware, there are some mild spoilers ahead.

What is Misfits?

Unless you grew up under a rock at the bottom of the ocean, you’re already a die-hard Misfits fan. But, if you haven’t seen the show, imagine the Avengers, but with orange prison suits and a teenage attitude.

The Misfits’ powers included invisibility, immortality, time-travel, telepathy and the power to make anyone desire you when they touch you. (Yes, that last one is a little problematic.)

They had many hurdles to overcome including a homicidal man who could control milk, a fake Jesus, Nazi Germany and a man who saw his life as one big Grand Theft Auto game.

Alongside the zany comedic quality of the programme, it successfully dealt with some issues that young people face, including sex, drug use, bullying, unemployment and general disillusionment with the government. It showed us flawed superheroes before Marvel made that cool.

And now, Misfits is coming to Netflix. We’ll get to re-live one of the most influential programmes of our youths and remember just why Robert Sheehan’s Nathan Young was the best character on British TV.

And maybe we’ll finally find out what happened to Nathan.


Nathan Young in Misfits

Nathan Young is one of the most chaotic characters ever written. Although he is deeply affected by his parent’s abandoning him, he plays the clown and puts on a tough exterior.

Some of Nathan’s character highlights include coming back from the dead only to find himself buried underground in a coffin, falling in love with Simon because he has been tattooed by a magic tattoo gun, and sleeping with an octogenarian.

Robert Sheehan’s best lines

Robert Sheehan’s best lines in Misfits include “don’t take this the wrong way but you look like a panty sniffer”; “If a bear and a shark had a fight, who would win?” and the classic “we are a bunch of young offenders and not one of us knows how to steal a car?!? that is pathetic!”

Sheehan told Digital Spy: “We were always encouraged to be disobeying little twits and I think that really helped the spirit of the show, we felt completely unshackled. It was a glorious time.”

Other Nathan zingers include “you’d shag your sister for a slice of cheese!”; “Be right back, I have to tell my mum I’m immortal” and the infamous story of how he got arrested : “Me? I got done for stealing some pic’n’mix.”

What happened to Nathan in Misfits?

Unfortunately Nathan disappeared from Misfits after season two with Sheehan opting to leave the show despite being a fan favourite. Sheehan was a rising star at the time and felt as if he had explored all he wanted to with the character of Nathan. It turns out he made the right decision, as he has since starred in Neflix’s Umbrella Academy, Mortal Instruments as well as many Hollywood blockbusters.

Although we may never have new Nathan Young content, we can still bring back that nostalgia with a binge of series one and two on Netflix this week.

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Seriously, who do you think would win in a fight between a bear and a shark?

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