The legendary singer/songwriter Prince was extremely prolific in his career.

This was already shown in the 1999 box set which was released last year.

That release featured 35 unreleased tracks according to the acclaimed reissue website Super Deluxe Edition.

Now in 2020, the Prince estate is set to open up the vault once more, in the forthcoming Sign O’The Times box set.

Album originally released 33 years ago

The original album, released in 1987, was a double album. It was also the first Prince album made without long-time backing band The Revolution.

Prince live in Paris in 1987
Prince live in Paris in 1987 (Photo by FG/Bauer-Griffin/Getty Images)

The album was probably best known for the title track, and the duet “U Got The Look” which featured Sheena Easton.

The new version – which is set for release next week – expands on the original album dramatically.

The super deluxe version which will be discussed here features eight discs, and a previously unreleased DVD of Prince live in 1987, featuring the legendary Miles Davis.

As for the nine discs, the first two discs feature a remastered version of the album. The third disc features single mixes and edits and b-sides from around that time.


45 unreleased tracks on box set

The fourth, fifth and sixth discs are where it really gets interesting. They contain a total of 45 tracks from Prince’s vault of unreleased music. That’s three full albums of songs never before heard officially.

Prince live in Paris
Prince live in Paris (Photo by FG/Bauer-Griffin/Getty Images)

The track list contains such rarities as a 1979 version of the track ‘I Could Never Take The Place Of Your Man’ and ‘Can I Play With U?’ which features the aforementioned Miles Davis.

If all that unreleased studio material isn’t enough, the seventh and eighth discs feature Prince live in Utrecht in 1987, a concert that is being made available for the first time.

The album will be available to stream on the likes of Amazon Music and iTunes. However, by doing that you miss out on the live DVD, the Prince Official store confirms. Therefore, the listener has to make a decision. Do they want to buy the physical box set, or just to stream the music?

Either way, it is certainly an exciting time for Prince fans, with so much music being made available for the first time.

One wonders what the next box set release will be. Perhaps Parade, the album released before Sign O’ The Times. Maybe the vault will go back to Prince’s early days and Dirty Love? No matter what, it will surely be worth listening to, as will the box set released next week.

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