John Green's Tumblr drama explained: How his edited post got the rules changed

Eve Edwards May 1, 2021

Tumblr users might recall an incident involving “The Fault in Our Stars” author John Green back in the day. For younger users, the drama might be completely new.

John Green, 43, is known for writing teenage classics such as the aforementioned “The Fault in Our Stars,” “Looking For Alaska,” and “Paper Towns.”

Photo by Cooper Neill/Getty Images for Allied-THA

What happened to John Green on Tumblr?

TikTok users are being introduced to an incident where John Green was allegedly bullied by Tumblr users.

American author John Green had a Tumblr account, under the username fishingboatproceeds, on which he used to frequently post. Tumblr previously had a feature which allowed users to edit one another’s posts. One of John Green’s posts was altered by another Tumblr user, to contain a sexually suggestive paragraph.

But the alleged bullying did not stop at that post. Other Tumblr users have spoken of the way they would target Green. For example, one Twitter user said: “one time I convinced a sizeable chunk of the tumblr population that John Green was a serbian nationalist.”

Tumblr changes the rules after John Green drama

After John Green’s Tumblr post was altered by another user, the platform stepped in to change the rules. No longer is it possible to edit another user’s Tumblr posts.

A Twitter user recently reminisced over this change: “the way tumblr had to change their text post feature so that you couldn’t edit the original text bc people were using it to bully john green is still funny to me”

Another user jibed: “another thing we should bring back from old tumblr is the ability to edit other users’ posts. remember when we bullied john green off the site with that ability. it was good times.”

It seems that although John Green resolved the Tumblr drama by getting the rules changed, Tumblr fans are refusing to let go of this moment. It has officially cemented its status in the Tumblr Hall of Fame.

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