Did Jim Morrison have any children with Patricia Kennealy or Pamela Courson?

Bruno Cooke April 28, 2021

Did Jim Morrison, lead singer of The Doors, have any children with either Patricia Kennealy or Pamela Courson? A new book containing private writings and rare photographs has revived public interest in the Doors frontman. Did Jim Morrison have kids, and/or a wife?

Jim Morrison’s romantic relationships

Jim Morrison spent much of his adult life in a relationship with Pamela Courson, whom he met in college.

Although they didn’t marry, Morrison’s will named Courson as the sole heir. 

Moreover, after she died, a probate court in California ruled that they had what qualified as a common-law marriage.

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Did he ever marry?

Jim Morrison never formally had a wife.

In 1970, he participated in a Celtic Pagan hand fasting ceremony (not technically a marriage, but effectively similar) with rock critic Patricia Kennealy.

Morrison’s relationships with Kennealy and Courson overlapped with each other. Kennealy reportedly became pregnant with Morrison’s child, but they agreed to abort.

Kennealy was five months into the pregnancy.

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Source: Ultimate Classic Rock

Morrison and Mary Werbelow

Previous romantic partners include Mary Werbelow. Morrison reportedly told Werbelow that the Doors’ first three albums were about her.

More than once, she told Robert Farley of the St Petersburg Times, he asked her to marry him. But they never actually married.

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Did Jim Morrison have any children?

In Jim Morrison: Life, Death, Legend, biographer Stephen Davis writes that, at the time that The Doors were recording Maggie M’Gill, there were several paternity suits against the Doors singer.

Some remained in place when he died in 1971.

Jim Morrison had no living children. Patricia Kennealy’s pregnancy of five months was the closest he came to having a child.

However, given his reputation for having sexual and romantic encounters with fans and groupies, it is impossible to rule out any children at all.

Morrison’s new 600-page anthology

The Collected Works of Jim Morrison, a book of poetry, journals, transcripts and lyrics is available for pre-order from publisher HarperCollins.

Created in collaboration with Morrison’s estate, the book took as inspiration a posthumously discovered list of Morrison’s, titled “Plan for Book”.

Billed as the “definitive opus” of the Doors frontman’s creative output, the Collected Works contains excerpts from 28 private notebooks.

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