Who is Jay Christensen? The videographer went viral all over social media after piloting a drone in the Right Up Your Alley video, shot at a Minneapolis bowling alley.

The viral Right Up Your Alley video

Right Up Your Alley is an impressive one take video shot by a drone as it makes its way around a bowling alley in Minnesota.

The video, which has amassed almost one million views on YouTube since its release on 8 March, has seized social media and gone viral.

While it may look like the video has been edited together, it is all actually one super-long shot, which reportedly took 10-12 attempts to get right.

The video’s director, Anthony Jaska said of the technique: “I think there’s some scepticism there of it being a true one-take. It is a true one-take. There’s no CGI.”

The only post production magic that was used was the audio, as the drone was too loud for them to use the actual sounds in the environment.

According to the filmmakers, the purpose of the video was to highlight the importance of local businesses as coronavirus restrictions begin to be lifted.

Who is Jay Christensen?

Jay Christensen is the talented videographer behind the viral Right Up Your Alley drone video. Incidentally, Christensen lives near Bryant-Lake Bowl, the bowling alley in the video.

The 25 year old Christensen approached the bowling alley’s owner, Erica Gilbert, and detailed his vision of celebrating the venue’s uniqueness.

Christensen had spent Spring 2020 honing his skills on the first person view drone (FPV) and felt up to a new creative challenge.

On the filming process behind the viral drone shoot, Jay Christensen said that the hardest part was coming through the door at the beginning:

“It was windy and there was a parking meter right where I wanted [the drone] to be, so I had to evade that, and also quickly react to the wind and make sure there weren’t any pedestrians around.”

Christensen hoped the viral video would take him to Hollywood after his drone skills ended up impressing the likes of Guardians Of The Galaxy director James Gunn.

Gunn shared the video to his Twitter with the caption: “Oh my God this drone shot is stupendous.”

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