Where is Bill Schroeder? Brewers analyst's whereabouts explained

Joshua Rogers June 10, 2021
Photo by Mark Cunningham/MLB Photos via Getty Images

Where is Bill Schroeder? Fans were wondering where the Milwaukee Brewers analyst has been recently. Here’s what’s going on.

Who is Bill Schroeder?

Bill Schroeder is a former MLB player who is now a television sports broadcaster.

He currently provides colour commentary for the Milwaukee Brewers on Fox Sports Wisconsin.

Schroeder’s stand-out season as a player came in 1987, when he batted .332.

Bill was a key member of “Team Streak”, the Brewers team that won its first 13 games, tying an MLB record.

For his post-playing career he has been baseball broadcasting around the Milwaukee area.

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Photo by Mark Cunningham/MLB Photos via Getty Images

Where is Bill Schroeder?

During the Milwaukee Brewers’ recent game against the Cincinnati Reds, people were wondering ‘where is Bill Schroeder?’

Where is Brewers analyst Bill Schroeder – answered

Before Christmas 2020, Schroeder learned he had an aortal aneurysm as well as a defective heart valve and 60% blockage in one of his major arteries.

On 23 December, Schroeder spent 12 hours in surgery, which included a double bypass while fixing his other various heart issues.

Immediately after the operation, Bill said he’d cut back on his schedule to recover.

“I’m not going to do back-to-back games,” said Schroeder. “I’m probably going to do four or five innings in the beginning. Towards the end of spring, I’ll jump back in and be ready for the season.”

As for the regular season, he added: “Basically, I’m going to take a few road trips off. Nothing is etched in stone.

“I’m feeling really good about where I’m at, but I’ll be taking a few trips off, at least, at the beginning of the year.”

He’s obviously just taking a bit more time to recover right now.

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